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Food, terrariums, markets and more

It’s time to enjoy the sun, the freedom and make some plans for your upcoming summer. There’s a lot happening in Sydney at the moment and there’s something new to try every day. To keep things easier in the decision-making department, Little Real Estate has chosen a few stand out activities for you to check out.

Archie Rose x Chin Chin Gin'spired Yum Cha!

Chin Chin has collaborated with Archie Rose to pair your favourite Asian dishes with delicious gin cocktails. Some of the flavours include Spritz with passionfruit and apricot, Shiso Fine with umeshu and green apple and the Violet Crown with elderflower and orange! Take a look at the menu

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Little Suckers Build Your Own Terrarium Bar

A terrarium is best explained as an aquarium – but for plants instead of fish. They look like miniature gardens set up in a glass bowl or container. The title of this event pretty much explains itself! Little Suckers describes that the “Set up is kind of like a lolly bar, you will work your way around the room, choosing everything from your vase, soil, pebbles, succulents and decorations.”

This pop-up event is something different aiming to provide you with a great present for a loved one, or a new addition to your own plant family!

Tickets are selling fast so make sure you book soon with Little Suckers.

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Bondi Markets

Set up every Sunday between 10am-4pm at Bondi Beach Public School, there’s no better place to go on your weekend stroll. There’s something for everyone at the Bondi Markets. The market offers clothing from up-and-coming designers, handmade jewellery, exotic imports, furniture, records, art, vintage items, homewares and more.

Check out their website for more information. 

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