Rental appraisal Little Real Estate

Little Real Estate prides itself on providing the best property management experience for investors.

Our goal is to help investors develop a successful property portfolio while delivering a positive experience to the tenants. The secret formula is simple – nailing relationships and value, the foundation of property management.

Our pride is offering a service tailored to individual management and leasing needs, designed to achieve maximum investment profitability and deliver a worry-free experience.

Our enthusiastic team of property managers provide an array of services, including:

  • Identifying the best property to purchase based on the tenant demographic in the area.
  • Renovation advice to improve rental yield.
  • Suggestions on making the property attractive to the potential tenants based on primary data.
  • Implementation of strategies to secure the best returns on investments.
  • Tailored property management according to individualised investment strategies.
  • Thorough market analysis.

If you are looking for professional property management for your asset, fill out the rental appraisal form for further information.

Little Communities

Everyone deserves a place to call home because a home symbolises safety, certainty and security. Homes are places where we raise families, build memories, and for many people it represents their first shot at independence.

There are many thousands of Australians out there who require special types of accommodation to fulfil their own need for safety, security, and independence. Our aim is to support organisations that provide the unique range of properties that meet these needs, from specialist disability accommodation to temporary housing, and everything in between.

Our commitment to helping these organisations is what has driven the creation of Little Communities.

Little Communities is a specialised and dedicated, property management team within Little Real Estate. The team provides property management services to unique accommodation providers who provide suitable homes for people and organisations depending on their specific needs.

We recognise that there are many organisations out there who supply a broad range of unique housing to people with differing requirements and needs. Little Communities sees accommodation and tenancy through a different lens, and have the experience to provide the kind of property management services your organisation needs.

We want to be part of a team that helps every Australian find a place to call home.