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It's time to maximise the space in your home!

Most people love the idea of a spacious home with plenty of room for activities, but you don’t always need a large place to feel like you have plenty of space. Here are some storage hacks that could help maximise the space in any home.

Bed frame with drawers

Buying a bed frame with drawers at the base can be like having the same storage amount as a dresser – only it is hidden and doesn’t take up extra room. Storage beds can be a great holder for shoes, clothes, and files! 


Choose a headboard with storage

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, and you feel that your actual bed is taking up most of the space, you may as well use it to its advantage.

Choose a headboard that has some secret storage for books, chargers, laptops and other bits and bobs.

Pinterest is a great place to look for some inspiration.

Use a peg board

Peg boards are usually thought to be handy in a garage or workshop to hang tools. However, they can also be handy in the bedroom to hang scarves, bags, jewelry, and other accessories!

Peg boards are a great addition to any room in the house. They can be handy in the kitchen to hang cooking essentials, you can put one near the front door to hang your everyday items like keys, sunglasses and bags. Apartment Therapy released a great article on clever ways to organise your home with pegboards.

Peg boards are also versatile in that you can paint and decorate them however you please. You can paint them any colour you want and could also hang pictures and art up without ruining the walls! 


Hang a drying rack in your laundry   

Drying your clothes, especially in a smaller home can take up so much room and can be a bit of an eyesore. Using a spare laundry cupboard or ceiling space to hang your washing can save room and avoids your visitors seeing all your laundry.

Use Lazy Susans for your products

Keep your cleaning and household products tidy and easy to grab with lazy Susan’s. Now you won’t have to pull everything out when you need something.

Lazy Susan’s are helpful for products you keep under your kitchen sink, or even for all your sauces you use for cooking.

You can also use them for the products you keep in your bathroom.

Hanging hooks on the back of your doors

Hanging up some hooks is no new storage idea, but it’s a handy one. There are a great range of adhesive hooks that don’t ruin the paint on your doors.

Hang items like your brooms and mops on the back of the door to free some floor space.

You could also add some hooks to your bathroom door for your towels.

Keeping hooks on your bedroom door could be a potential hanging spot for scarves or jackets that you use frequently.  

Hanging produce baskets

Rather than keeping your fruit and vegetables in multiple bowls that take up lots of bench space, hang produce baskets so that it can free up more cooking areas.

Another fantastic use of hanging baskets is to store your children’s toys or accessories in them. This keeps them off the floor but easy to access. 


By adding some practical, no fuss storage additions to your home, you may find you are left with more space and rooms that feel much more organised. However, if you are renting, make sure that you get permission from your property manager and landlord before you make any changes to the home.