Little Real Estate has formed a referral partnership with easyBondpay to give our tenants a solution to the financial stresses of dealing with their rental bond. With easyBondpay, the troubles of moving home are eased as bonds can be paid over monthly instalments.

Paying your bond in instalments may suit people who are waiting for their current bond to be returned but can’t move without it, have lots of other moving costs or just don’t want to dip into their savings to pay their bond. EasyBondpay will pay your full bond on the same business day directly to your property manager.

Repayment is made simple with monthly payments until the bond has been fully repaid.

If you’re moving home and are renting with Little Real Estate, contact us today about the easy way to sort out your bond payment.

Disclosure: Little Real Estate receives a commission of 2% of the amount funded to refer you to easyBondpay.

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