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Turn your outdoor space into your favourite hangout spot!

Private outdoor space can be considered a luxury. While some houses boast large gardens, an apartment or unit’s balcony or terrace can offer plenty of outdoor living space. If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space of your own, it’s worth looking at how you can make the most of what you’ve got.

Let there be light

Warm lighting can brighten up the area but can also create a more inviting space. Instead of using your bright outdoor lights, create a cosy vibe with fairy lights. They don’t take up much room and can be hung around walls and wrapped around other items that are on the balcony. Make sure that if you are renting you don’t damage the property in the process.

You can also generate an inviting balcony with candles and candle lanterns. Fairy lights and candles can be transported inside for decoration also, as they are easy to move around. Just make sure you remember to blow the candles out once you go inside! 

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Create a garden in pots

No grass? No worries! Fill your balcony with greenery by adding flowerpots and herbs.

You can give yourself a serene planter garden by adding flowerpots filled with ferns, colourful flowers or some easy to manage succulents.

It is also achievable to create a small herb garden with very little space. Herbs like parsley, coriander and basil can live in pots their whole lives. They add greenery to your space but you also have the added benefit of not having to buy herbs for your cooking! 

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Add some privacy

Everyone enjoys having their own space and privacy – and you wouldn’t want your close proximity to other apartments to stop you from using your outside area.

Create a private area by using taller bamboo plants to surround your balcony. This makes it harder for neighbours to see into your space but also still lets natural light in.

Got room for a barbecue?

It is always important to check that you are allowed and that it is safe to have a barbecue on your balcony. If you are permitted to do so, then there are a lot of nifty barbecues and grills that could be a great addition to your outside space.

You don’t have to miss out on outside entertaining just because you don’t have a big garden.

Add some seating

Keep your seating and entertaining efficient in a small space. Here are a few seating options:

  • A statement chair with comfy cushions
  • Folding chairs – a great idea if your space is small so you can pack your seating away while not in use
  • A small table and chairs
  • Floor pillows
  • Outdoor rug  
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Portable bar cart

Be the ultimate apartment entertainer with a portable bar cart. A bar cart on wheels allows you to stock up on ice and refreshments in the kitchen, with the ease of wheeling it back out to the balcony to enjoy a few drinks outside.

With a little creative thinking, you could turn your small balcony space into a relaxing, comfortable hang out spot. You can check out our rental properties to see what we available at the moment.