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Create a checklist to determine what is important to you in your next home

Rental inspections can be the quickest 15 minutes of your life. You wait with all the other prospective tenants for the agent to open the property, you rush through trying to get a glimpse at all the rooms, and before you know it time is up and all you’ve got is the mental images you took. You leave the inspection with questions around whether there were power sockets in the bathroom and whether you really got a good look at the wardrobe in the bedroom.

Don’t leave your next home to chance, have a checklist ready that covers what matters to you in your next home, keep a note of any questions you have for the agent, and be prepared for the multiple properties you’re probably going to look at.

Here are some suggestions for a simple checklist to help determine if the property meets your needs.


  • Is the property in general good condition?
  • Is there natural light coming through?
  • Is there air con?
  • Is there heating?
  • Is the layout/floorplan what you need?
  • Do you need more than one bathroom?
  • Is there enough storage and wardrobes?
  • Are there power sockets where you need them?
  • Is there the right amount of rooms/are they big enough?
  • Is the home security sufficient?
  • Is there enough privacy? (eg can people see into the property?)
  • Are there any maintenance issues?


  • Do you want a garden/outdoor area?
  • Is the garden area low maintenance?
  • Do you need a garage?
  • Is there any storage?
  • Is the backyard secure?
  • Are you allowed to have pets?
  • Are there any maintenance issues?


  • Is the location right for you?
  • Is it near the places you need? (eg schools, shops, train stations)
  • Is the property situated in a noisy area?

At an inspection you will have the opportunity to ask the agent any questions you have about the property. Make sure you note them down before or during the inspection, so that you have them prepared and can get your answers promptly.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that may not be physically visible to you. Questions like if the garden maintenance is the tenants’ or the landlords’ responsibility or if the property is NBN ready. Think of the main questions that apply to your situation and make sure you ask them at some point.

Using your checklist is also useful when searching for available properties online. Although you can’t determine everything online, this may help prevent attending inspections for properties that aren’t right for you. 

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