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There are many quick and easy tips for making your home a summer haven

Australians always need to prepare for the summer heat and try to make the most of it when it arrives. After all, most of us spend all those cold winter months looking forward to this time of year. 

For renters, it can be difficult to know what you can do to optimise your place during the sunny season. But there are many quick and easy tips for making your home a summer haven. 

Make sure the air con is working

Surviving an Australian summer without air conditioning is not fun. And in many cases, it’s avoidable. If your place had working air conditioning when you began renting it, you’ll want to make sure that’s still the case as the heat hits. 

Filters can collect dust when inactive over the cooler months, and this could impact how effectively the air conditioning works – which could end up making your summer uncomfortable.

If the property has a ducted system, check to see that all air vents are open and free of obstructions – such as rugs, furniture and frames. If your vents are covered up, your air conditioning could have a difficult time performing its important task. 

If using a split system air conditioner, you should be careful as they are sometimes fragile and can break easily.

Calling your property manager could be the best move. By calling them as soon as possible, you can ensure it’s all fixed up for when you need it most. 

Remove dust from fans

If your place doesn’t have air conditioning, your fans could be a lifesaver this summer. So, it’s important you take care of them. 

Most people don’t use ceiling fans much during the winter. This can allow for dust to build up on top of the blades. 

So, if you don’t want to be showered in dust and other things when you use them, we’d recommend giving them a regular clean.

Invite sunshine inside 

You can brighten up your interiors by looking after your windows. By keeping them clean, you can enjoy a brighter space and a better view. 

You’d be surprised what kind of difference it makes letting natural light into your home. 


Keep the bugs out

Once they’re all sparkly and clean, it’s time to make sure your windows and doors don’t let in all those flies and mosquitos that plague our neighbourhoods throughout the warmer months. Simple flyscreens can save you hours of uncomfortable scratching and itching.

If there a no fly screens on your property when you first move in, contact your property manager about potentially getting some installed.

You may even be able to do it yourself if they are not permanent.

Create a garden feel

Whether you’re renting a house or apartment, nothing creates that summer feeling like adding some green to your space. Drought tolerant native plants and grasses look great, and they are cost-effective in terms of upkeep. You can also program your sprinklers to keep your landscape looking fresh with minimal effort.  


Maintain your pool

If the property you rent has a pool, make sure it’s in good condition. You’ll be wanting to jump straight in on the hotter summer days.

Sometimes it can be confusing to know if tending to the pool is your responsibility or your landlord’s. Usually, tenants are responsible for everyday maintenance such as clearing leaves from the pool and may be responsible for more regular maintenance. If you’re uncertain, check your tenancy agreement. The maintenance needs should be covered in the special terms of this document.

Speak to your property manager if you are uncertain. 

Get your place ready for barbecues  

Summer is the barbecue season. The warm weather means you’ll want to get outside and enjoy the outdoor features of your place. Consider picking up a barbecue for your outdoor area to cook up a feast for your friends. 

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to optimise your rental property this summer, contact your property manager today.

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