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Creating an eco friendly holiday period

The summer holidays are arguably the best time of year in Australia. It is a time of celebration, socialisation, and good times. The year is wrapping up and everyone is usually ready to relax and rewind with friends and family.  

Holiday get togethers present the need for more decorations, food, and gifts. With many people having increased awareness of their ecofootprint, keeping summer sustainable has never been more important.

If you celebrate Christmas, think about using alternatives for the usual:

Christmas trees

  • Decorate a plant or tree you already have at home – why not get creative with the greenery you already have! Add a festive tree topper or wrap some LED lights around a pot plant.
  • A tree of books – if you’ve got enough books in your home, start with a circle of them on the floor and stack as many as you want on top of each other, trying to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree.


  • Use nature – decorate fallen pinecones or create mini trees with some driftwood and string. There are plenty of fallen treasures in your backyard or neighbourhood.
  • Salt dough ornaments – use the spare flour in your home and bake your own ornaments! Follow recipe for instructions. 
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  • Recyclable wrapping paper – if you need to use wrapping paper, try to use something that is recyclable. Biome have some fantastic wrapping paper made from “100% post-consumer recycled paper”.
  • Wrap presents in tote bags – why not use something that has another great purpose other than covering a present?  
  • Choose gifts that are lasting - like plants, keep cups, or an experience!

There are plenty other reasons to gather with your friends and family over summer. If you’re planning on catching up with your favourite people, think about implementing these tips:

Reduce food waste

Of course you want to make sure that everyone has enough food for the day, but it’s good to be realistic about how much you will need to buy. Go to the supermarket with a vigilant game plan and only buy what you set out to make and use.

Recreate meals with your leftovers

If you end up with leftovers, try and turn them into new meals to eliminate wasting food. Left-over meat could be used in sandwiches, or you could fry or roast up left-over vegetables. Delicious have some great left-over meal suggestions.

Use reusable napkins, plates and glasses

The extra few minutes spent cleaning an additional set of cutlery will save a lot of space in your rubbish bin and landfill. If you must buy extra utensils, consider buying bamboo or palm leaf cutlery that can be composted after use. Biome have some great options for a plastic free kitchen.

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The summer holidays are a great time to relax and appreciate the company of friends and family. By making a few small adjustments to your celebrations, you can enjoy your festivities in an eco-friendly way.