Lre1085 Meet The Team Tom Simpson Blog

Achieving goals and transitioning through different roles.

There is always the opportunity to grow and learn at Little Real Estate. We focus on offering support and opportunities for career progression – and the role you start in will not necessarily be the role you end up in. There is a great focus on training and empowering all employees with the knowledge and confidence to work efficiently and effectively.

Tom Simpson began working at Little Real Estate in 2017 in the Hawthorn office. Through his time here he has been constantly evolving and achieving goals and transitioning through different roles at Little Real Estate. He is a great example of the ever-progressing journey you can have within our company. Let’s take a look at Tom’s Little Real Estate life so far.

What has been your progression journey since starting at Little Real Estate?

“I started in our Landlord Support Team. After about eight months I decided I wanted to step into property management, so I became a Property Management Associate. I was in that role for roughly six months and then took my own port folio and became a property manager.”

“In January 2020 I become a Senior Property Manager with a super portfolio. I have now started a new role in our Carlton office as Office Support Leader, where my responsibility is to provide training and support to new starters and assist Property Managers in that team with efficiencies and Little Real Estate processes.”

Have you always worked in real estate or was this a career change for you?

“Starting in the Landlord Support Team was my first job in real estate. Prior to working at Little Real Estate, I worked in Childcare and at a school as a Teacher’s Aide.”

What do you enjoy most about real estate?

“The main thing that makes the job enjoyable is how every day is different, not one day is the same. Although it can be stressful at times, it is definitely a rewarding area to work in.”

What interested you (or stood out) about working for Little Real Estate in particular?

“I remember when I first started at Little Real Estate, one thing I learnt quickly was just how supportive the company was. Everyone in my team were approachable and supportive and happy to help out.”

“Stepping into property management, this was also the case as everyone puts their hand up to help out when someone is on leave, unwell or unable to get to an appointment. You can always rely on a colleague to step in and help out when you need that support.”

What motivates you each day?

“I love the team environment at Little Real Estate and how everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants to do well and provide the best service they can and this motivates me to do the same. I also appreciate the trust and support you receive from management.”

“With the flexible working hours and ability to work from home, this pushes you to get the results to show your appreciation.”

As one of the company pillars is fun – What has been some enjoyable or memorable experiences you’ve had since working at Little Real Estate?

“Personally, I have many great memories whilst working at Little Real Estate. My favourites would be representing Little Real Estate at the Corporate Games, our Little Real Estate Olympics Day, and going to Oaks Day. But my favourite memory would be playing table tennis against my manager as we always get super competitive.”

If Tom’s pathway at Little Real Estate interests you, and success and growth within a company is something that you are looking for, take a look at our available job listings.