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Integrating work and life at Little Real Estate

04 March 2021

An interview with Nindra Zgudka

Trying to balance your time between work commitments and family obligations is sometimes a full-time job itself. Attempting to make yourself available for full time work, home-schooling your children and dealing with the pressures of lockdown is something Nindra Zgudka, Executive Assistant at Little Real Estate is all too familiar with.

The past year has been a rollercoaster of adjustments, but even on a normal day the work/life integration can be a tricky position to navigate. Having a flexible working policy is something that is highly valued at Little Real Estate, as we understand the importance of achieving a smooth collaboration between work and life commitments.

Defining when and where your work gets done is the opportunity to make your day work as best as possible for you.

We asked Nindra a few questions about what it’s been like juggling parenting and work at Little Real Estate.

How have you gone integrating a work and home balance?

“Each day differs from the next and finding that ideal balance isn’t always possible, however in working at home I have really learnt the importance of being kind to yourself. Focusing on all that is important in my life has helped me stay in tune with family, work and my personal health.”

How did Little Real Estate cater to your parenting needs throughout lockdown?

“Being one of many parents at Little Real Estate I felt the much needed support and understanding during lockdown. I’m sure I am not the only parent who struggled to balance home schooling children with full time work, but with this being the new norm, Little Real Estate made me feel comfortable to direct my focus accordingly.”

“Our flexible working policy allowed me to help juggle all that came my way”, she says.

What does a day in the life of a working parent look like at Little Real Estate?

 “The mornings can be busy, especially with the realisation that there is no bread left in the house and a last minute shop is needed.”

“I love being able to drop my children off at school and pick them up, as well as the flexibility in starting or finishing the day off around the responsibilities of being a mother. Some days may be a little disjointed, but at the end of the day I am able to be where I need to be.”

What has surprised you about the past year dealing with home and work at the same time?

“There are many things I learnt over the last year, in particular how malleable and adaptable we can all be.”

“Adjusting to a different type of life during lockdown was difficult, but experiencing how seamlessly work and home life integrated allowed me to focus on the positive and smaller things in life,” she added. 

Careers at Little Real Estate

Little Real Estate has a constant commitment to mainstreaming flexibility in the workplace, and balancing needs is a priority. You can find out more about a potential career with us, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about working at Little Real Estate. 

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