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Home and interior design trends for 2021

04 March 2021

Feeling calm and comfortable in your home

It comes as no shock that our unexpected lifestyle changes of the past year at home has had an influence on the design trends for 2021. The need for comfort, nostalgia and peacefulness are high priority, and making the most of the space you have is extra important.

We’ve taken a look at Dulux’s Colour Forecast for the trending colour palettes, and also been inspired by Vogue Living interior trends to find the top design trends for 2021.

Dulux Colour Forecast

Dulux’s colour forecast for 2021 overall theme is of relaxation and tranquility in the home. The three palettes are called ‘Retreat’ ‘Nourish’ and ‘Reset'.

‘Nourish’ is a “renewed palette of warm neutrals” which includes hues of mossy and sage greens, turmeric and citrus.

The colours in ‘Nourish’ are simple and have a natural aspect which brings an element of comfort to the room.

‘Reset’ features “uplifting colours and bold sense of renewal”. ‘Reset’ is “A subtle playful retro influence” which can be seen in styling and colour combinations. It features stronger, bolder colours which will energise and refresh the home.

‘Retreat’ focuses on allowing the home to feel comfortable and secure. It features Earth-based hues which “help with inspiration and creativity”. It features colours such as neutral greys, deep blues and warm whites.

Check out Dulux’s Colour Forecast for all the different colours and their explanations for 2021.   

How has the last year influenced home trends for 2021?

Our home had a much higher impact and importance to our lives once we were forced to spend an increased amount of time in there. Now there is a large emphasis on creating a relaxing home environment.

The need for a calming interior is more relevant so that there is space to switch off from work. Vogue Living explains that “The need for multi-functional spaces and separate areas that allow each family member to have their own space has resulted in a return to separate rooms and zoning, leaving the open plan living behind. There is a growing trend for spaces that are connected but can also be closed with sliding and pocket doors to provide privacy and flexibility.”

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Looking for a change?

Other top tips

Along with Dulux, Vogue Living explains that “Natural does it better”. Natural and earthy tones are a big trend for 2021.

‘“In terms of 2021 trends, we’ll see heavy textures, beiges and browns, and vintage and antique pieces gaining more popularity,” says Kiel Wuellner, vice president of design at US-based design, furniture and staging firm Vesta.’

According to Vogue Living, white walls are a thing of the past.

Explained by Sara Ianniciello, Director of Design at Whitehall Interiors “We are amidst a colourful revolution in the design industry. We at Whitehall Interiors take inspiration from fashion among many things, and trends are already showing that 2021 will be a colourful year. We will be looking to infuse more colour and boldness in our projects in in 2021.”

Although most of the design trends of 2021 are all about keeping cool calm and collected, there is always room to make a statement in your home. “Whether it’s through bold wallpaper or large-scale art” it’s about embracing your personal choices and running with it!

There is also a bigger focus on attention to detail in the home. “Now that we all spend more time at home, renovations are becoming more personal, individualised, and truly thought out.”

Take a look at all of Vogue Living’s top trends for more inspiration.  

It can be great to discover new trends, and follow some rough guidelines as to what you can do with your home if it needs a little sprucing. Ultimately you want your home to feel comfortable for you.

It comes as no surprise that 2021’s trends are all about feeling calm, uplifted and at peace with your surroundings. Keeping your rooms multi-functional is also a main focus, as our homes have increasingly become a haven for all our daily activities at some point. 

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