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How to host the ultimate BBQ

25 January 2021 |3 Minutes Read

Add a little something extra to your next BBQ

It’s barbecue season and if you’ve got the right setup outside, your friends and family are probably waiting for an invite over to enjoy the sun, good food, and good company.   

Hosting any event, no matter how small or large can be time-consuming, and it’s never as relaxing as being a guest at someone else’s home. However there are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy the party yourself, all while being the ultimate barbecue host. 

Tomato prepare

Prepare all you can before your guests arrive

You want to enjoy the gathering with all your guests, so preparing all you can before they arrive will ensure that you can be outside entertaining rather than in the kitchen by yourself!

Get your meat in their marinades in the morning and have them ready to cook by the time your guests arrive.

If you are providing sides and/or condiments, have them ready in their serving dishes so that all you have to do when it’s time to eat is take them out of the fridge.

Check beforehand that your BBQ has enough gas or charcoal to ensure that you don’t have to do the last-minute dash to Bunnings to top up!

Decorate your entertaining area

This doesn’t have to necessarily cost much money or take up too much time. Little effects like fairy lights can turn a regular household into a supreme entertaining venue!

Other minor additions like a colourful tablecloth or decorative lanterns can elevate the area.

Organise the area you will be dining in. If you need more seating space but don’t have the right furniture, picnic rugs can be the ultimate saver.

Bring something different to your BBQ menu

Sausages and burgers are sure crowd pleasers but the standard sausage or burger in bread won’t necessarily leave a lasting impression. Sure, you can keep these items on the menu, but why not give it a gourmet twist with extras like sauerkraut, a variety of different condiments, sourdough buns, or homemade pickles?

Think outside the box and come up with a twist to the original ideas. Instead of beef burgers, why not try fish burgers?

If you are catering for vegetarians, grilled eggplant on the barbecue will bring a delightful addition to the menu.

Provide yard games

Surprise your guests with some games that get people mingling and laughing.

You could provide games like

  • Giant Jenga
  • Skittles (outdoor bowling)
  • Croquet
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Once the fun is over and everyone has gone home, give your barbecue a good clean so that you’re ready and prepared for the next event! With a great set up, interesting food and fabulous entertainment, your guests are sure to have the best time and consider you the ultimate barbecue host!