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Tracey Bromley

Senior Property Manager , Spring Hill

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In the 20 years that Tracey has worked in real estate, she has risen to the top as one of the most valued members of the Little Real Estate business. It is her passion for property and for her clients rather than sheer ambition that is the key driver to her success.

As a highly empathetic individual, Tracey receives many accolades from her tenants as she does from investors. It is resolving the many challenges she faces each day in an amicable manner for all parties that she finds so satisfying about her job.

Tracey's passion for renovating enables her to help her tenants visualise their new home and maximise her investors return with simple improvement ideas.

When Tracey has some down time, she loves to keep fit and healthy, reading and gardening. With the occasional trip to France always on the agenda for her as well.

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