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Wondering if the time of year affects your property sale results?

As much as we’d love to tell you that the best time of year to sell your property is right now, unfortunately, like many things when it comes to selling your property, the answer isn’t that simple. There are lots of pros and cons to selling at different times of the year, and it will depend on your property, the market, and your circumstances.

In this article, we’ll break the year down into seasons and consider the benefits and drawbacks of each:


Some houses are ideal for selling in the summer. Beach and holiday houses, for example, are perfect for this kind of weather and may attract holidaymakers who’ve just fallen in love with the area. In addition, houses that tend to be chilly and dark in winter may be a little more appealing when the weather is warm.

However, summer can sometimes be a bit tricky to sell in – if your house faces west and gets a lot of afternoon sun, it might be uncomfortably hot for viewers. Not to mention the fact that Christmas and New Year mean that a lot of people are busy, on holidays or feeling light-pocketed – perhaps not the ideal time to be spending a lot of money in moving and buying a house.

If you do choose to sell in summer, make sure the temperature is inviting, that you avoid the holiday season, and that you make the most of the natural light.


Autumn is often a busy time in real estate – everyone is back from summer holidays, school and work routines have settled down, and people have had some time to consider what they’re looking for in their next property move. They might also be hoping to get their house move done before winter.

Make sure that you emphasise the cosiness of your place if selling during autumn, and make sure that you’re ready for any unpredictable weather to keep the climate of your home at a comfortable level.



It can be tricky to sell in winter, but for some homes, it’s the ideal time – especially if you get fantastic light and warmth during the winter months. If you’re selling in winter, make sure you consider what time of day is best to show it, ideally when you’re getting warmth from afternoon sun. Don’t skimp on the heating while people are viewing – no-one wants to feel like their potential new home is draughty and unwelcoming in the winter time.


Who doesn’t feel like a change when spring is in the air? Spring is often noted as the best season to sell your home, as people emerge from winter hibernation. However, due to this popular theory there are both plenty of active buyers and also a lot of other sellers, so springtime tends to be a buyers’ market. If you’re selling in spring, make sure you capitalise on time of day with plenty of light and air, bright colours in your décor and some fresh flowers to complete the look.

Ultimately, the best time to sell your home is when it works best for you. Holding off until the ‘best’ time might win you some more at auction, but it might cost you the house of your dreams, or more stress if your family has already outgrown your current place. Speaking to a real estate agent is a good way to get an assessment on if or when there’s an ideal time to sell your property, so start by requesting your free appraisal to find out what your home is worth today.