Lre How To Find A Pet Friendly Place To Live

Unfortunately for pet lovers, it’s legal in most states for landlords to refuse tenants who have pets access to rental property.

Unfortunately for many pet lovers, it’s legal in most states for landlords to refuse to rent to tenants who have pets – making the already competitive rental market even tougher.

If you’re up against a non-pet owner when it comes to securing a property – chances are, they will win.

Overcoming the landlord’s fears that the property will be destroyed if they rent to a pet-owning tenant can be difficult.

If you have a pet, here are some tips to help make securing a rental property that little bit easier.

Tips to securing a pet-friendly rental

  1. Speak to the property manager at the real estate agency rather than the receptionist. Don’t waste your time at an inspection if pets are a definite no-no.

  2. Make your first question: “Are pets allowed?”

  3. Understand that the chances of finding a pet-friendly apartment are minimal, as many body corporates have a strict policy. The chances of finding a house which allows pets are stronger.

  4. Even when you do find a pet-friendly rental, you will still need to convince the rental agent or landlord that pet is ok

  5. Prepare a resume describing your pet. Outlining its habits and personality may be helpful. Cute photos also can’t hurt!

  6. Vaccination and registration papers will be helpful

  7. References from past landlords will go a long way

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