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Spring may still be months away, but the home styling trends of 2018 are already starting to blossom.

This year's popular design trends are already gaining momentum. Here are a few  home decor ideas we’re spotting everywhere.

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Getting down to earth

This season has seen warm and earthy colours take root as the style of choice. Sienna, ochre and terracotta through to deeper rust, copper and rich mahogany are echoing throughout the trendiest Australian homes. Home stylists are also making their spaces pop by contrasting these earthy colours with faded greens and blues.

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Hiding away

When it comes to the kitchen, trend-setters are hiding appliances behind seemingly nonchalant cupboard doors to create a uniform look.

Kitchen style is all about fine elegance and, while marble is still the preferred choice in design, the focus has shifted. Thicker marble surfaces have made way for thin, discreet benchtops of darker shades.

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Maximising minimalism

The minimalist look is still popular in living spaces. When winter finally arrives, everyone wants all the light they can get to spread through their home to make it feel as spacious as possible. Having few objects inhibiting light flow helps to maximise the brightness in any space, so trend-setters are embracing minimalism.

Indoor plants remain an ever-popular feature. Known to freshen the air of the homes they are in, plants are also natural humidifiers. This makes them very useful in the dry winter months.

They also come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so home stylists are continuing to rely on plants for creating inviting spaces.

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Embracing the functional and fashionable

The furniture fabric of this year is velvet, with people choosing a style of comfort over form. Expect to see big and puffy furnishings that offer glorious cosiness to those seated on them.

Furnishings that have form and function are also very much in vogue. Feature shelving is something that is likely to take off, as it allows its user to choose what they showcase to guests. The ability to personalise the display has made this a very popular feature.

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Expecting the unexpected

Once a purely functional aspect for home design, joinery continues to evolve, with large timber knobs providing contrasting tactile appeal and cabinet and door handles emerging with serious personality.

For homeware design, a mismatch and contrasting appearance is the current style. Placing vases and bowls atop small tables and varying the colours and sizes creates an intriguing look.

Ceilings are finally receiving the attention they deserve for creating a visual impact. More and more home stylists are turning to the formerly neglected fifth wall to showcase their style and innovative designs. Whereas previously a stylish rug would be deployed as a means of livening up a room, focus has fully shifted from the floor to the ceiling.

Take note of these trends and incorporate the ones you feel best suit you and your home.