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Because finding your next home should be as simple as possible

Applying for a property can seem daunting, but can be a smooth process if you follow the correct steps. Here is all the information you need to help you through the application process.

The process

Start by searching for the properties you like here on our website. You can use the filters to select your preferred suburb and features such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The application process begins with registering for an inspection on our website and attending it. Once you have gone to this inspection, you’ll receive a code which you’ll need to complete your application.

A property manager will process the application for the owner who will receive a shortlist to choose from. The successful applicant is offered the lease to sign.

Once you have found a property that you like, select an inspection time and hit the register button. If there are no available inspection times or the times provided don’t suit, you can still provide your contact details and we’ll let you know once more inspections are available.

Attending an inspection

Before you’re able to apply for any property, you or someone you nominate must view the property in person. This is important because it ensures that we know you’re aware of the property’s condition and get a feel for the property before you agree to lease it.

Little Real Estate doesn’t do private inspections. As most rentals still have tenants residing in the property, we work with the current tenants to provide allocated times for the inspections to occur.

Completing your application

Once you have viewed the property, you’ll receive the inspection code automatically via the details you used to register for the inspection—either text message or email. You will need to use this in your application form.

Apply via 1Form – Along with the inspection code, you will be sent a link that directs you to apply on 1Form. You can also do this by clicking ‘apply’ on the property page here on our website, this will prompt you to sign in or make an account, where you can then apply, and the application will get sent directly to us.

Apply via our website – You can find our application forms here. Click the ‘rent’ tab, and under ‘applicants’ you will find the application forms. Once you have filled this in, you can email the completed form to [email protected], the leasing agent’s email or hand it in to the office.

TIP: Make sure you have your supporting documents ready to go from the start of the process. If you have missing documents we will ask you to supply them but this may delay a successful application.                                                                                               

When submitting an application you must include at least one item from each section per applicant. The more information you provide, the better your chances can be of a successful application.

Section One: Proving your identity

  • Drivers Licence
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Passport
  • Bank Statement

Section Two: Financial documents

  • Current Pay Slips (minimum of 2)
  • If new job - Letter of confirmation including salary
  • Statement of Centrelink Entitlements

Section Three: Your rental history

  • Previous 4 rent receipts (or ledger)
  • Council Rates
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Utilities or phone account

How long does the process take?

Some application processes are very quick, while others can take a little longer. It can depend on the number of applicants and the owner’s availability to approve a new tenant.

The course of your application can take around 5-7 business days, however this is only a general rule, and you may find out sooner or later.

At each stage of the application process you will receive SMS or email updates on which stage you are at. However if you have any questions or concerns with your application, our customer care team are there to help.