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5 ways to improve the value of your property for under $1000

22 November 2023 |2 Minutes Read

Increasing property value on a budget is possible – here are our tips on improving your property for under $1000.

If you’re selling your property or renting it out, there’s a sliding scale of how much value you can create vs. how much money you spend. On the one hand, you could spend a lot of money renovating everything and putting in a whole new kitchen, but is the time and energy worth it for the amount of value it creates?

On the other hand, there are lots of small, quick fixes you can do that will give you a really good return on your investment.

So here our best tips for increasing property value on a budget, whether your aim is to get it sold or leased:  

Repaint your kitchen cabinets

Kitchens can be seriously pricey to renovate, but they’re also the room that sells a property. So if your kitchen is looking a little tired, one great way to balance these competing needs is to simply freshen the place up. Fitting new cabinets is costly, but painting them gives everything a facelift. DIY this for some real bang for your buck, and finish the look with new knobs or handles.

Bring in some foliage

First impressions count, and nothing says ‘sanctuary’ like a great front garden. If yours is a little lacking in greenery and flowers, planting a few or bringing in some pot plants will instantly help people to feel at ease. Plants can also be used to offset harsher frontages (for instance, if the front has a lot of concrete or exposed brick), as they soften hard edges.

Freshen up the curtains

If your curtains or blinds are looking a little drab, replacing them with something a little more chic or modern can really lift a home. Remember that natural light is a big plus for buyers and renters, so look out for a window treatment that gives privacy and protection from the direct sun without blocking out too much light.

Re-grout the tiles

Take a look at your bathroom tiles before putting your home on the market. Like kitchens, bathrooms are also expensive to renovate, but re-grouting does wonders for giving the whole room a lift. This is another candidate for a DIY, or else you can expect to pay around $35 per square metre. If your tiles are looking a bit worn in but are generally in good condition, they can also be painted with specialist tile paint to create a new colour palette.

Upgrade your light fittings

As mentioned before, light is an important factor for selling a home (and renting out), and if natural light is a bit lacking in yours, the next best thing is to make sure the artificial light sources are pulling their weight. A light fitting with multiple bulbs is the best way to brighten a room, and you can create a chic feature to lift the look of the room, even when the lights are off.