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Carlton, VIC

98 Rathdowne St, Carlton, VIC 3053 (Map)

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Little Real Estate is Australia’s largest independently owned real estate company and our dedicated team of property managers and sales consultants are here to assist you.

Specialising in free market and rental appraisals, Little Real Estate Carlton will work with you to achieve your property goals whatever they may be.

Being independently owned means that unlike most franchised real estate agencies, all of our offices are run synergistically with the same end goal – to ensure investors and renters get the most out of their property management experience.

We’ve also partnered with Good Maintenance, to ensure that properties under our management receive the highest level of care from specialised maintenance professionals.

Call or visit our Carlton office today and find out how the Little things make a big difference.

Google Customer Review

Excellent agents who are willing to go the extra mile. Lisa is an absolute star.

Craig Francis
Google Customer Review
Little have been a pleasure to rent from while I was in Fitzroy. Zoran was especially helpful and always quickly responsive. I would recommend working with them whether you ... More
Sam Rouche
Google Customer Review
Just can't say enough about Marly at Little Realestate. Marly makes owning an apartment so easy. All those annoying things you have to do to take care of an apartment inclu ... More
Anna Hannon
Google Customer Review
Little have provided a great service to us in our time in Brunswick. Ann in particular was super responsive to our needs and any time we needed assistance was fast to get i ... More
Martin Moloney

Excellent agents who are willing to go the extra mile. Lisa is an absolute star.

Craig Francis

Little have been a pleasure to rent from while I was in Fitzroy. Zoran was especially helpful and always quickly responsive. I would recommend working with them whether you're renting or buying.

Sam Rouche

Just can't say enough about Marly at Little Realestate. Marly makes owning an apartment so easy. All those annoying things you have to do to take care of an apartment including tenanting are all taken care of. I pretty much just have to say yes or no and it's done. Marly's professionalism is amazing. Always keeps me abreast of every situation and then deals with it immediately. Thank you Marly. Love your work! Anna

Anna Hannon

Little have provided a great service to us in our time in Brunswick. Ann in particular was super responsive to our needs and any time we needed assistance was fast to get it sorted. Thank you Little Real Estate Team!

Martin Moloney

We have been renting with Little Real estate for almost 2 years now and have been very lucky with our property manager, who has been on the call and prompt to reply any issues we have had. Thank you for all of your support Ann!

Kaia Kaldoja

Great Team! Especially loved Anne, Amazing Property Manager!

Harry Morrissey

Stephanie was great property manager. As tenants we had a good experience with Little Real estate.

Mindfully Wealthy

I've been renting from this agent for 2 years and Stephanie Robb is the best I've ever met. I feel so grateful to live in a property under her management. Nice agent!


Ann Robinson was really helpful and arranged everything I needed for a lease while I was interstate and had it ready to go arrived. Many Thanks Ann, you are very effective.

Peter Clancy

My Property Manager Laura D'Angelo has been an amazing help to us as renters with Little Real Estate.
She has been incredibly friendly, considerate and made us feel like no issue is too small - even leaving lovely notes after each inspection.
I can't recommend her highly enough!

Jade Cook

My agent Ann Robinson was an amazing real estate manager she was always contactable and dealt with any issue immediately and without fuss. She trusted me and was always respectful and courteous and a bloody big laugh as well. Cannot recommend her highly enough

Peter Anstee

Despite seeing all the bad reviews on here. Which is about the company in general I felt I had to write something good about my old agent with this company Stephanie Robb who was from the Carlton office and was fantastic. Having difficulty with the unorganisation in the past dealing with Stephanie had changed my mind about the company and I feel she deserves a mention. I still keep in touch with her and she goes out of her way to maintain a friendly relationship with me and has vouched for my previous rental history when applying for new houses. Something very rare for the real estate agents in Melbourne to put it lightly. I do hope her managers see this as she defiantly deserves the appraise as she has been nothing short of fantastic with me. Thanks for always being so positive. Bianca Laver :):):)

Bianca Lorena

Stephanie Robb is an excellent rental property manager. She always responds immediately to requests and acts on them. It's a pleasure to engage with her.

Haripriya Rangan

Hopefully you're lucky enough to receive Stuart Clark as an agent. He responds to emails promptly, even outside of business hours. I've been renting for almost 15 years and he's by far the best agent I've come across. Stuart is also friendly and transparent so I never had any doubt.

Rebecca Mackie

really great real estate landlord - As a long time renter it is great to come across a firm that is committed to providing a good service. Open in communication and responsive in any issues that may arise. We lived in Ivanhoe for 18 months underseen by S. Robb (@carlton office) as property manager and could only compliment the professionalism and efficiency of the team. Many thanks

Marcus Ward Curran

I have had properties in my portfolio for 35 years and have dealt with the industry in three states in that time, with mixed satisfaction.
Ann Robinson has been a revelation in an otherwise taundry industry.
Her attention to detail and professionalism has been outstanding.
She looks after her owners but is also a support for the tenants, which means we have had happy tenants and a property that is cared for.
Thank you Ann

victor leonzini

As a tenant, service from Little was great. The agents that we dealt with were friendly and responsive. Dropping off the keys when we finished our lease was fast and easy.

Joshua Spry

Lisa Bogdanis is an excellent property manager. I have been with her for over 3 years and she has been nothing but exemplary. She has been proactive, professional but at the same time very friendly with a bubbly personality. She is a great asset to the Little Real Estate Carlton team.

David Zhao

I’ve been renting a property through Little Real Estate in Carlton for the past 4 years. The property manager, Stephanie Robb, has been absolutely amazing. She has been respectful when completing bi-annual inspections and responds quickly to any queries with a polite & friendly manner. I highlight recommend using Little Real Estate in Carlton.

Tori Smith

My property manager Marly is fantastic and always willing to help and guide. I has been renting for 5 years and Marly has helped all these 5 years when in need. Thanks Marly for the support.

Muthukumar VP

Excellent service and highly responsive staff. Property manager, Stephanie Robb, made our rental experience smooth and seamless and was readily contactable and helpful when needed. Thank you.

Chelsea Hyde

Have had a very positive relationship with the staff, especially Zoran looking after a rental property for the family. Would recommend them to any property owner looking for a good managing agent

Michael Fraser

Great experience with Little leasing my unit. Helpful advice and wonderful service from agent Ann Robinson. Highly recommend.

elizabeth haintz

Our property manager, Stephanie Robb, was excellent for the two years she managed our lease. She was very attentive and quick to respond to any questions or problems that arose. When something did go wrong with the property she showed concern and quickly worked to get approval from the owner and schedule the repairs.

Greg Gibbs

Great real estate agent, I have personally been dealing with property manager Stephanie R who has been an absolute delight. Very understanding of a situation or request and always endeavoring for prompt resolution.

Hugo Gungormez

Ann Robinson @ Little Realestate has been handling our property portfolio for over the past 10 years. Over the 10 years we have not been able to fault the handling of our properties with 100 per cent occupancy, and any issues that have a risen have been dealt with in a timely manner.

Margaret Warnett

Stephanie has being our Property Manager sice 2016 and she is amazing! she always help us with any enquire, and we always received a promt response with a positive outcome. I definitely recommend Little Real State for your leasing.

Thanks Stephanie for everything!

Ricardo Briceno

I have been renting through Little for some years now, and I have found them to be always excellent. As a renter, you become accustomed to being treated as if you are not important, and I had come to decide that agents are there to serve the landlord and not the tenant. But my experience with Little has been entirely different. Lisa Bogdanis is a superstar property manager - she is always pleasant and polite, and she is incredibly efficient. I have never had to ask twice to have any maintenance issues dealt with; to give just one example, one morning recently I found my hot water service had died - by lunchtime, I had a new one, fully installed. It was amazing. Anyway, I can't recommend Little and Lisa highly enough - and I imagine they would be great from an owner's point of view as well.

Abby Robinson

Would definitely recommend Little for property management. They've been extremely efficient and communicative and handle any issues with care. Stephanie always keeps me updated on anything I need to know and minimises any hassle. It's much appreciated!

James McAsey

I'm a current tenant renting via Little Real Estate & my property manager Stephanie Robb is one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

She has been quick to respond to any enquiries over the past year and is also extremely friendly and has a great professional attitude in everything she does.

I'd very happily recommend Little Real Estate to any potential owners looking for both highly professional and efficient property managers - Stephanie always goes above and beyond to assist.

Matthew Pitcher

Stephanie Robb is an excellent Property Manager and as an owner, I have been very, very happy with her management of my rental property. She is always efficient, highly organised, a great communicator and invariably polite and pleasant. In fact, nothing is too much trouble for her and she can be relied on to complete all tasks with minimum fuss.

Nazifa Ajayoglu

Been with Little real estate for 4 yrs + and Stephanie Robb has been so easy to communicate with. She is prompt and will always get back to you with your queries. Its been definitely one of the nicer rental experience I have had to date. Nothing was too hard and repairs / inspection details was always addressed thoroughly. Thank you!

Phoenix Lau

The best real estate agent I've come across. Stephanie treats you like a valued tenant rather than an inconvenience as is my experience with other renting agents. Fantastic, prompt and respectful communication and great understanding. Thank you very much, Stephanie.

Jane Korneyko

Thanks to Stephanie for the efficient and friendly service

Brandon Aubrey

As a house owner in the Clifton Hill area, I can attest to a high level of satisfaction with the management of my property for rental by first Rose Hainz and now Stephanie Robb. Both have been very prompt and conscientious about acting on maintenance issues and to arrange for tradespeople to intervene.

Hilary Chappell

Our property manager Stephanie Robb has been a delight to deal with over the past two years. She was always friendly, got back to all our requests quickly and made the rental process really easy for us. Overall a very pleasant experience.

steven sikkema

We rented an apartment through Little for two years. Stephanie was a super helpful property manager and was prompt in her responses regarding any issues.

Briar Holt

Ann from Little Real Estate has been amazing in helping us to set up our first rental property.
She has been responsive to all questions and has been proactive in ensuring that we are comfortable and are able to make our house a home.

Lily Alvarez

I have been working with Marly Mora of Little Real Estate as my property manager for the past seven years. In that time, I have found Marly to be a great asset, always looking out for my interest and quick to answer any problems I may have. Thanks Marly.

Brian Cordy

We have been renting an apartment through Little for the last 2 years and have always been extremely happy with the service. We've had lots of bad real estate agents in the past, so dealing with a professional team that were easy to deal with when we signed the lease, that are quick to respond to any maintenance issues, and that carry out their inspections in a quiet and hassle-free manner has been a real joy. Once while we were overseas in Iceland, our hot water tank burst and they noticed the problem, got in touch with us and had it fixed with no fuss all before we got home. Honestly, Little's service is reason enough to make us hesitate before moving again in the future.

Zack Skerritt

Have been renting an apartment from them for more than 3 years. Excellent service and friendly staff. Always got prompt response if any issues reported. Good work.

Shuci Liu

As a renter, you never expect much from a real estate agent. You come to understand, they are there for the owners and the less contact they have from the renters, the better. However, I have to say, after being a renter for over two years with Ellayne Lim as my property manager I couldn't be happier. I am astounded by her attention to detail, prompt reply's to correspondence and I really feel like she is there to support me as a tenant. Unable to buy my own home due to an unsustainable housing bubble, fuelled by indefensibly inequitable taxation policy based around negative gearing and capital gains tax exemption, it's nice to know I'm not completely screwed by the renting market. Thank you, Ellayne Lim.

Nathan Hart

Marly has been an amazing property manager, always so friendly and does a great job looking after us and our tenants. She provides care and advice that I have never experienced from other property managers. Thank you Marly!

Jing W