Bricks and Agent Little Real Estate

Little Real Estate has partnered with Bricks + Agent to deliver an easy and convenient solution

Your property is an asset that may occasionally require some work to keep it in great living condition for your tenants.

In an ideal world, property investors would have the most convenient experience when it comes to their portfolio and maintenance issues. Now, thanks to Little Real Estate, this is a reality

We've partnered with Bricks + Agent to deliver an easy and convenient solution for you if your investment property ever needs a little maintenance care.

1. Enjoy a simple and transparent mobile maintenance process

As a property owner, you want to know what is happening at your property. Use the mobile app to review and approve maintenance tasks, receive notifications about your property and view its entire maintenance history.

2. Stay informed

You will be presented with the complete job information including pictures and videos if they are uploaded with the jobs. You can then determine whether you would like to accept, reject or have a chat or video call with the property manager to clarify any issues that may be unclear from the job, before deciding what you would like to do with the job.

3. Assess service providers and choose the best ones for your property

Once quotes have been obtained and the job is sent for your approval, you have the option of approving the work or exploring other service providers all within the app. Once you select the service provider, they are sent a work order for scheduling with the property manager and tenant – streamlining the whole process for your convenience.

This partnership is the latest in a series of steps Little Real Estate is currently undertaking to deliver a streamlined and enjoyable property experience through developing and leveraging technology.

For more information or any queries, contact us today.