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What to do for your open house inspection

05 February 2021

Know what to do for this important step in selling your home

Selling your property is always going to come with some degree of stress, no matter how good your agent is.

It can be important to have a basic understanding of what you should do when it comes to preparing your property for an open house inspection.  

Remove yourself from the picture

Potential buyers should be able to picture their future in the property that is for sale, and too much of you can make this difficult. That is why you can minimalise the number of personal items that are on display to help this.

While not removing every trace of you, taking a little of your identity out of the equation can be a good idea. This may mean taking family photos off the fridge and removing any personable artwork for example.

No animals

You love your pet and that isn’t something to hide.

By all means use your pets in your sales photos. This is a trending theme that has seen many doggos and kittys earn a great deal of screen time across all different types of property marketing.

However, pets shouldn’t be at your open house inspection. The best thing you can do is ensure you have clean up after them and find something else for them to do. A long walk or romp at the park is ideal for any canine companion.

For your feline friend, a cat day spa may be a treat that they thoroughly deserve.

Not everyone is a fan of pets. It can be a big deterrent for some who may have have allergies to come to an open house, detect that pet smell and feel those annoying allergy affects instantly.

Neat and tidy

Come inspection day, your property should honestly reflect the elegant images used in the various marketing.

When living in a property while selling it, it is beneficial to present it in the best possible, cleanest and tidiest light for prospective buyers.

A great way to achieve this look is to book a cleaner for before inspections. Alternatively, grab some gloves and get cleaning.

Plant an impression with prospective buyers

Many sellers don’t give much weight to the potential influence some greenery can have. The right setup has the potential to create a warm and inviting look and feel to a home.

Large seasonal plants, bright and well maintained garden beds and floral arrangements all work to create a welcoming and inviting feel in a home.

You shouldn’t have a presence

Don’t send someone in your place to keep you updated on who is attending and what they are saying and what is going on.

It can be good to have faith that the agent you hired is doing their job (assuming you did the research and have picked a good one). 

 You don’t need to micromanage your agent. Not hassling them and leaving them to do their job is an approach that can ease the pressure in what is normally a tense situation.