what renters like

Do you look for these qualities when looking for a potential rental home

As any potential renter will tell you, there is a lot to think about when checking out a property that you may want to rent.

Here are some characteristics that you, as a renter, could potentially consider essential when looking for your new home (with four little pet peeves on the side for good measure). 

1. Size comes first

People like to feel comfortable, not cramped, in their home. Therefore, its's not hard to imagine that, as a renter, you'd consider the size of a property more important than some other aspects.

From the height of the ceilings to any potential outside areas, size can play a big role in how comfortable a property can feel.

It's not just size that can matter though but the design too.

 Layouts will ideally be user-friendly and provide ample light and livability, with floor plans that emphasise functional use of space.


2. Modern, equipped kitchens

Nice, well-equipped kitchens are something that can weigh heavily on your decision to apply for a property or not. Many people love to cook which can often lead to a kitchen being something of a ‘deal breaker’ room. If a kitchen is stuck in the days of acid wash, with appliances older than the renter themselves, there's a chance it can lessen the appeal of the property.

Revamped kitchens with sparkly new stainless steel appliances can leave a lasting impression when inspecting a property.

3. Temperature control

Hopefully, it’s toasty warm in your rental property in the winter months and of course, cool and inviting on those hot summer days. A rental can leave you with really poor memories if you constantly found yourself having to rug up against the elements while indoors or baking hot on a summer afternoon. It can heavily influence your decisions when looking for a new place to live.

Generally speaking, heating and cooling facilities will play a significant role when deciding if this is the place you want to live.

4. Ample storage space

It can be so frustrating, during the unpacking process, to fill up you cupboards and have things left over that don't have a new home.

From a lack of space for linens to the need to leave your blender on the countertop, it can be very frustrating as a tenant to face this problem and not have the space to do anything about it.

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5. Private outdoor space

Australians love the outdoors. There’s nothing like a good ‘barbie’ in the backyard. Particularly when the weather starts to get better, properties with a nice, usable outdoor area are great for those that love to entertain.

Quality decking and landscaping, or at the very least a balcony from which you can sit and watch the world go by, can make a property very appealing.

6. Location matters

Of course, a very compelling draw card when you're renting, as with homebuyers, is always going to be location. 

So what gives different areas that extra appeal?

  • A safe neighbourhood 

  • Good public transport 

  • Amenities and shopping

  • Close to work.

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Keeping happy

Once you're in your new home and happy, every renter wants it to stay that way. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn't the case.

Top four things you hate as a renter…

1. The inability to ‘personalize’ space, like a picture on the wall, is a real turn off.

2. Unresponsive property managers that fail to communicate effectively frustrates you when you rent.

3. ‘No pets’ policies can be off-putting.

4. Having to attend to repairs yourself, because no one bothered responding to multiple maintenance requests is understandably annoying.

Of course, all of these ‘sticking points’ can generally be mitigated when the right property management team are involved in the property.   

At Little Real Estate, we recognise that it isn't just an investment property but a home for renters as well. Contact us today for any queries you may have.