rental application

Looking for your next home? Here are some helpful tips to get you through the door.

The rental market throughout Australia is very competitive. To give you the best chance of success in securing your next home, you need to take a thorough approach to every aspect of your rental application. It is only through preparation that you can achieve your goals.

The first step is to ensure that you have all the required documentation for your rental agreement. You’ll need documents such as the rental application form finished and accurate to date, pay slips or proof of employment and more. These are just some of the things that are essential as a part of the application process to secure a lease agreement.

Having digital and hard copies of all your documents is a step you can take to ensure that you are prepared for the worst should you lose or damage any important information.

Be aware of what forms of identification are needed in your state, as what is accepted does vary. Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland have slight differences between what is required for the application process.

To be comprehensive in your preparation when applying for a property, using the online platform for tenants and property managers 1form to form an account to make applications easier is something you can do. This is an online application system which potential tenants use when applying for rental properties listed on various property websites. You can find a link to 1form on our website.

The next step to securing your desired rental property is the inspection. Booking an inspection time for the property you are considering is vital as it will give you an in-person impression of not only the home but the neighbourhood and local amenities too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you inspected the property earlier, you are more likely to secure it.

When going to your inspection, try to ensure you are prompt when arriving. This can help you make sure you have enough time to properly view the property.

When you have completed the inspection, feel free to follow up with the agent if you haven’t heard anything in two days. This can often reinforce with them that you are very interested in the property.

If you are unsuccessful in your rental application, you can ask for feedback as to why your application was unsuccessful. Property managers are normally quite busy but if they have time they may be willing to give you feedback.

It’s important to maintain a positive attitude throughout the rental application process. In such a competitive market, persistence is the key.

If you’re a prospective renter looking for your perfect next home, contact Little Real Estate today and let us help you find it.