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Maintenance issues can sometimes be confusing when you're renting

We understand that sometimes things go wrong and repairs and maintenance are required! It’s therefore important that tenants report any maintenance issues as quickly as possible. Timely reporting ensures our tenants can continue to enjoy their home fully and reduces the likelihood of repair issues escalating.

Little Real Estate encourages tenants to report all maintenance to their property manager using the Bricks + Agent app. In the app tenants should explain what the issue is and provide photos, so that we can attend to the issue promptly. Bricks + Agent is an easy and convenient solution for tenants to request maintenance work and repairs.

Tenants are also responsible for reporting any damage that occurs to the property during the tenancy that is a result of neglect, misuse, accidental or malicious behaviour. Tenants will be responsible for meeting the cost of repairing such damages and are required to notify the property manager as soon as possible. Tenants are responsible for the general upkeep and property care of their home and are only responsible for undertaking minor repairs that include;

  • Replacement of light bulbs in the property (excluding specialised bulbs).
  • Replacement of lost keys or resultant change of locks to doors and windows where keys are lost. A copy of replacement keys must be provided to the property manager at the tenant’s earliest convenience.
  • Repairs to any items that have been erected/installed by the tenants (e.g. picture hooks).

In the event of an emergency repair tenants should notify their property manager right away by email or calling 1300 LITTLE.

Arrangements will be made as soon as possible to carry out the necessary repairs, however in the event we are not reachable tenants should refer to their tenancy agreement for the details of a nominated tradesperson to contact.

All other repairs and maintenance are not to be actioned or carried out by a tenant unless written permission is given by the landlord to do so and an agreement for reimbursement of costs has been made.

It is very important that tenants do not act on their own volition and carry out repairs and maintenance or engage a third-party contractor to do so. Repairs and maintenance should be carried out by licensed contractors that the landlord or property manager nominates.

Maintenance that is carried out or arranged by a tenant that has not been approved by the landlord may be considered a breach of the tenancy agreement and reimbursement for any associated costs may not be approved.