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Having the best support during the toughest times can make the difference

COVID-19 has certainly had some serious ramifications for investment property owners. From lowered prospective yields to extended vacancy times, the current climate has created a unique and tough environment for landlords.

Added to the usual responsibilities of accommodating a variety of tenants and their individual needs, the challenges presented in managing the properties has rarely been this difficult for their property managers.

Neil and Ken Laws, whose portfolio has been with Little Real Estate since its acquisition of RUN Property in 2014, have seen and felt these struggles. However, their stresses have been greatly lessened by currently having their properties managed by Laura D’Angelo.

Having managed their properties for the last three years, they have found the professional and enjoyable relationship that has been built to be a strong one based on her hard work and dedication.

“A cornerstone of her work is her responsiveness to issues from either the tenant or us. This ensures any issues are followed up in a timely and caring manner to meet the expectations of all,” they said.

A near seven-year veteran of the property management trade at Little Real Estate, Laura’s portfolio currently covers 140 properties across Brunswick, Brunswick East and Clifton Hill mainly while working part-time.

D"Angelo collage
Laura D'Angelo (pictured above) works hard to build better relationships and create a positive circle for all in the property management world.

It is particularly in difficult times such as these that having an exceptional property manager, such as Laura, has been a calm and reassuring presence for Neil and Ken. Her excellent communication and initiative has been at the fore during the current COVID-19 environment.

“Where tenants requested for rental assistance, it was addressed quickly by Laura and after discussion with us we would follow her suggestions,” Neil and Ken commented. 

In dealing with difficult tenants, she has been able to display a level of emotional intelligence which reassures the tenants anxiety in the current challenging environment, something that Neil and Ken have found to be very calming.

“We continue to enjoy the excellent professional relationship with Laura and greatly appreciate her hard work and dedication to ensure that each of our properties is managed with exemplary skill,” they added.

Laura herself excels with the simple mantra that she treats others how she would like to be treated. She works hard while emphasising the importance of communication, honesty and empathy.

“I believe as a person that you do what you say, so I action this within my personal and work life. The landlords can trust me,” Laura said.