Newtown, Sydney

Get to know Newtown. A gem in Syndey's south-west.

If you like a variety of cafes, great food restaurants and are a patron of the arts, the south-west Sydney suburb of Newtown may be right for you. Four kilometres from the CBD, this is certainly a suburb to watch.

Newtown is known for its many terrace houses, there are also plenty of apartments with free-standing house close making up a smaller portion of housing.

Though, in line with much of Sydney, property values and rent have increased substantially in recent times.

With great amenities and transport this is definitely a desirable suburb to dwell currently. Newtown Station, for example, is on King Street.

Enmore Road and King Street provide the main attractions in this suburb. Fun bars and a diverse number of eateries cater to those that live here, including University of Sydney students.

Newtown night life
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The Enmore Theatre is another staple of Newtown, hosting live comedy and music.

Street art and performers are also a famous staple and add to the unique culture and feel of the suburb.

The mean average cost to purchase a home is house $1.4 million and for a unit is $711,000, making it on the cheaper side of Sydney property market scale. These prices have steadily increased in the last 10 years, with houses seeing nearly a double in value.

Renting in Newtown sees an average cost of $790 per week for a house and $480 for a unit, also quite cheap as there is a need to cater to students.

If you are looking for an investment property, annual rental yields for houses of 2.9% and for units, a rental yield of 3.5% are the sort of returns an investor could expect.