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Through its unique training program, Little Real Estate is fast tracking staff development creating competent and confident people

At Little Real Estate, we think it’s really important that we create pathways for aspiring Property Managers to start out their career in a well-supported, collaborative training environment.

Too often we hear about the ‘sink or swim’ approach, with talented individuals being loaded with a portfolio too early and quitting the industry due to the high-pressure environment.

Hear from Justine Hanna, who successfully completed the Property Manager Associate Bootcamp with LRE in February 2019 and has since been promoted to Property Manager within 3 months!

Ap Justine Hanna

Why did you choose to join Little at the beginning of your Property Management career?

Little Real Estate stood out to me because I could recognise the benefits of growth with a company of this size and I wanted in!

What was involved in the PMA Bootcamp? How would you describe this experience?

The PMA Bootcamp helped show me that throughout the business everyone I encountered really believed in and lived the values (accountability, humility, honesty and openness and most of all fun. I got to learn all systems and processes on a training platform without the fear of making any live errors. I could ask questions and engage in discussions whilst not taking anyone away from their work.

I was able to learn all aspects of the role, with opportunities to be on reception, on the road with leasing, conduct routine inspections, vacate and entry inspections and sit with property managers. The bootcamp really created a safe place in order to learn about what being a property manager involved. The bootcamp also gave me a unique connection with peers across all offices and areas of the business.

How did the Bootcamp prepare you for your future roles?

Being able to navigate my way through Agentplus in a training environment meant that when I got into the office, I was able to hit the ground running. I really felt that I was able to help the team straight away.

What would be your advice to those thinking about starting a career as a PMA now?

Anyone who is interested in the real estate industry, I highly recommend being a PMA as it is a great opportunity to learn a large volume of information and be able to learn diverse skills from various mentors.

What are you looking forward to the most about your future with Little?


What I’m looking forward to the most is that I have a great opportunity for career growth, my next goal is to be a Senior Property Manager. But you never know, maybe one day I could be the one training new PMAs and helping guide their journey through Little Real Estate.         

*A Property Management Associate is an entry level role within Little Real Estate which was created for those wanting to start their Property Management career within a learning-based environment.

For more information on this role and others, visit the Little Real Estate Careers Page