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A real up and comer that's a short distance from Brisbane

With a small town feels and roughly 10 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, Everton Park is definitely a suburb to keep an eye on. The green parks, shops and relaxed vibes create an environment that is ideal for families and sometimes lost in the modern hustle and bustle of the world.

Regular bus services offer a very quick and easy commute to the city and train stations in Mitchelton and Gaythorne Stations are relatively nearby.

Everton Park, currently, has an average buy price for a house at $630,000. If you are looking for an investment property, the average rent for a house sits at $470 per week seeing an average yield of roughly 3.8%.

Regarding units, the average buying price sits at $378,000 with average rental price at $360per week. Units in Everton Park offer a yield of roughly 5%

The last 12 months has seen property values slowly but steadily increase.

Everton Plaza’s Park Lane offers a newly opened foodie haven for residents. A new epicentre for dining and socialising for northsiders, Everton Park has a hit when it comes to brining in people looking for a foodie hub, but don’t wish to trek to the city.

Adding to the appeal of Everton Park is the expected completion of the Monarc Health and Childcare Hub, which will feature a childcare centre and chemist as ell as plenty of parking. Estimated to be completed by mid-2020, this will add to the appeal of this suburb for prospective young families that may be priced out of inner Brisbane.

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