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Integrating work and life with Davina Mossop

15 April 2021

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Having the flexibility of choosing when and where to work has enabled Davina to be around for her peers as well as her family.

Why is a balanced work/life integration so important? It’s impossible to think that we can block out our personal lives for five days out of seven. The time spent working and the time you need and want out of work should be able to exist together, and work collectively. 

Davina Mossop is our Executive General Manager in HR & Operational Excellence, and she is also a mum. Having the flexibility of choosing when and where to work has enabled Davina to be around for her peers as well as her family.

We asked Davina what the past year has looked like when combining the home and work life together.

How have you gone integrating a work and home balance?

“For me it’s been understanding that there is no ideal balance in any one day. Some days it’s all meetings with a quick bite to eat and 10mins at 3:25pm to do school pick up and then back online yet others I have time to prep dinner, do a load of washing or go for a walk between calls and meetings.”

“I need to look at balance across the week and prefer to think of it as work life integration.” 

How did Little Real Estate cater to your parenting needs throughout lockdown?

“Luckily our flexible work policy had already been in place for a few years so it wasn’t too much of a challenge to transition to working from home.”

“For me it was the attitude of the leaders that really made a difference. At the start my kids thought seeing themselves on the video call was a great novelty and wanted to say hi to everyone, rather than needing to hush them down (and if you have a two year old in the house that is impossible) my leaders and colleagues on the call would say hi and engage with the kids making me feel fully supported in juggling (and sometimes dropping) all the balls I had in the air.”  

What does a day in the life of a working mum/dad look like at Little Real Estate?

 “It really does depend on your role and how you like to structure it. For us as a family walking home from school and dinner at 6:00pm is really important.”

“My amazing team are very used to me ducking out of a meeting at 3:25pm and jumping back on at 3:40pm (luckily school is only a 3min walk away!)”

“I think the best thing about our flexible way of working is that you don’t have to be a parent to have great flexibility, whether you need to block out an hour to go for a walk or take the laptop to the hairdressers and work whilst the colour is on, if that works for you, our clients and your team then it’s okay.” 

What has surprised you about the past year dealing with home and work at the same time?

“I didn’t realise how hard I was on myself to do it all. I now realise that making banana bread with my seven year old is a great way to teach her maths and I found feeding my family really fulfilling and something I looked forward to every day.”

“The resilience everyone showed was amazing but I also loved that it brought out our vulnerable side and I was okay to share this with my team as if they knew that there were days when I found it really tough then they would let me know when they needed more support too.”  

Do you have a funny or memorable parenting/work scenario or story while working from home?

“I have this photo of my two year old waking up early from a nap and I was in the middle of a meeting. I got him back to sleep on me and he started snoring to which everyone on the call could hear!” 

Little Real Estate has a constant commitment to mainstreaming flexibility in the workplace, and balancing needs is a priority. You don’t have to be a parent to require an adaptable working arrangement. You can find out more about a potential career with us, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about working at Little Real Estate.