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Creating an exceptional experience for our customers is all about delivering a great working environment for our teams.

At Little Real Estate, we know that the greatest customer service comes from securing talented team members and supporting them with the best working environment we can. This is how we do it. 

Living the values

Humility, accountability, fun, honesty and openness are the values that Little Real Estate and its employees universally subscribe to. It is through these values that a positive and friendly culture has been formed and continues to evolve.

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Encouraging health and wellbeing

At the heart of the Little Real Estate ethos is employee health. Health is prioritised, encouraged and rewarded through various programs. For this reason, fresh fruit is regularly delivered to offices to provide team members with a healthy option for snacking during breaks.

Members of the Little Real Estate team can also benefit from free boot camp, yoga and pilates sessions available near our offices. These activities not only improve physical wellbeing but promote team bonding too. Mental health is also strongly supported through our Employee Assistance Program.

Supporting team members' learning and development

Little School focuses on building a learning culture and community that is accessible to all employees. Most importantly, it allows for the balancing of work commitments with targeted training on topics and in development areas that our team members are interested in.


Investing in great technology to support our teams

Little Real Estate is at the forefront of technology in the real estate industry. The Little Property Tracker app updates clients on the performance of their property with regular notifications. It also allows clients to interact with their property at their convenience. Whether it's day or night, investors can log requests and view all the data relating to their property. This streamlined communication frees up our team members' time so they can focus on other important tasks. The app simply makes life easier for both our team members and our clients. 

Team members also have access to Agentplus, Australia's leading property management software, which helps to streamline workflow and keep our them on top of their daily duties. 

Little Real Estate's drive for success is based on creating a customer experience that is unrivalled in Australia and the world. As Australia’s largest independently owned real estate company, Little Real Estate prides itself on the quality of service that it provides and the lasting results that it achieves for clients. That simply couldn't be done without investing in a high-quality workforce and creating a culture that supports them. 

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