Find out what we're doing to lead the way in changing property management in Australia.

It's vital for any industry to evolve with the times, but the real estate business has been set in its ways for a long time. 

As a result, the old methods of property management and sales have remained in place with very little innovation to improve the service for customers. We're constantly looking for new ways to shape up and improve the way we deliver our services to create the ultimate property management experience for investors.

Our diverse client base includes a variety of investors, from first-timers with just one investment property to international investors with significant portfolios. No matter the investor, we deliver that same high level of service to everyone while tailoring the experience to the individual's requirements. 

But what exactly is the key to changing the way property management is delivered?

Technological change

In order to stay relevant in any industry, a business must be adaptable. Those that resist change or are unwilling to embrace it face the very realistic possibility of being left behind and becoming obsolete.

Because of this, Little Real Estate leverages new technologies to create the ultimate experience for our investors and tenants. This is done through strategic partnering with compatible businesses to obtain better offers and experiences as well as creating our own fantastic tools.

Being focussed on technological change and providing a continued experience, Little Real Estate has partnered with Bricks + Agent to provide our investors and tenants with an efficient property maintenance experience.

All investors and tenants have their own horror stories about being given a large timeslot that has meant you’ve needed to take a day off to make sure you’re there when the tradie says they will be.

Bricks + Agent currently helps users find and compare maintenance professionals with ease, providing a solution for time-lacking property managers and trade professionals to gain access to the workflow, tools and automation that they need to complete projects.

By leveraging Bricks + Agent’s software, Little Real Estate is able to find nearby tradies and eliminate the travel time and other factors that create the delays that make arranging maintenance work such a pain.

Developed as a vital tool to help owners and tenants manage their properties, Little Property Tracker allows you to see real time information on your investment property.

The information relating to your property should be accessible all the time, with as little amount of effort as possible. That’s just what we’ve become accustomed to in these digital times.

Thanks to the 24/7 convenience, you can locate relevant documents, set up handy reminders and get the information you need at any time of the day or night on any day of the week. You’ll spend less time on the phone logging requests and more time with better peace of mind knowing all you can about your property.

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Partners that help you prosper

With the goal of providing our investors and tenants with the best possible experience, Little Real Estate strives to form partnerships that will provide long-term benefits to you.

One such partnership is the multi-faceted insurance partnership that has been established with EBM to bring industry-leading insurance policies exclusively to tenants and investors with Little Real Estate.

RentCover is a landlord insurance policy that comes with exclusive additional coverage and reduced rates for Little Real Estate clients. It offers:

  • new business discount for customers of Little Real Estate
  • 15-52 weeks of loss of rent cover, depending on the circumstances
  • cover for malicious or accidental damage caused by tenants and theft by tenants
  • legal liability cover up to $30,000,000
  • and cover for pet damage up to $70,000.

For a cost-effective insurance solution for tenants, TenantCover will cover contents as well as providing liability protection. It also includes:

  • contents protection against theft, damage by fire, explosion, storm or flood to a total of $25,000
  • $10,000,000 worth of legal liability cover for incidents in which someone is injured on the property, or suffers another kind of loss (where you are found liable)
  • and costs as low as $160 per annum.

As a Little client, you can benefit greatly from these and have the assurance that you’ll be looked after.

Little Real Estate also understands just how stressful the moving experience can be for our tenants. That’s why we partnered with connectnow.

Connectnow helps to enhance and speed up the moving process by finding suppliers in the area and arranging connections at the same time.

This partnership ensures our tenants receive a smoother moving process, experience less stress and are able to get on with their lives and enjoy their new home.

Better services for you

Little Property Maintenance, is another game-changer. The Little Property Maintenance team provides services and ensures that properties under the management of Little Real Estate have the best level of care from specialised maintenance professionals, without the high expense or delays. Thanks to this service, our investors are offered a minimised level of risk that allows them to maximise their returns.

Additionally, Little Real Estate prides itself on the level of service it offers its investors and tenants through our customer care team. This on-demand team, available seven days a week, helps our property management team to process requests and inquiries so that they have more time to do their best possible work on their portfolios.

If you have an enquiry about your property that needs to be answered or are a tenant in need of guidance, calling 1300 LITTLE is the first step to getting the help you need.


Our scale and range

As Australia’s largest independently owned real estate company, Little Real Estate prides itself on being an industry leader when it comes to the work we do. That means that we are always striving to be better.

Our investors are the lifeblood of our business. Therefore, when we manage a property, it’s done right.

In order to do this right, our property managers work hard to form better relationships with the investors they work with. Clear and constant communication enables better connection between clients and property managers. 

With these better conversations comes a deeper understanding of not only the investor's current property goals but what their future success can look like. If a property manager has a better understanding of an investor's plans for their property portfolio, it can be very beneficial.

That can be whether you intend to keep your property as a rental or have decided to sell.

If given a timeframe to work around, a property manager can work with you to organise the works that will need to be done to ensure that you receive the best possible results.

At Little Real Estate, our dedicated sales team works with all our property managers to ensure that if our investors do decide to sell, they come away smiling. Receiving the best possible return on investment is a key goal for many investors, whether that is through rental returns or capital gains.

Contact us and find out what we can do to help you.