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​Four best warm weather hosting ideas

15 February 2021 |3 Minuites Read

Having people over? Here are four fun ideas for you to make a night of it

Entertaining can be a hoot if you have the right night planned. Having some variety and doing something a little different to normal can be a great way to have a really memorable time. 

 Board games night

Having a board games night is the perfect opportunity to both host company and enjoy a little friendly competition.

Board games can also be a great way to bring people together and spice up an evening if things start to get a bit dull.

If competition isn’t a big driver of fun for you or your friends though, there a plenty of options that exist that are geared towards a collaborative or cooperative time.

  • Ticket to Ride ­– The goal is to claim different railway routes across Europe using your colourful plastic rail cars. You spend cards to claim routes and there are bonus points for connecting different destinations. There are many different varieties also meaning you can get versions that cover different countries and continents. 
  • Codenames - A word-based puzzler that requires word association and teamwork, it's a fantastic board game if you're looking to break the ice as anyone can play.
  • Exploding kittens – While a simple card game, there are layers of strategy as you try to avoid the exploding kitten cards. With gorgeous, and not so gorgeous, card art featuring cats with all sorts of special powers, players try to turn the tables on their opponents.
  • Pandemic – A game in which each player has a role, and you work together to eradicate four deadly diseases before humanity’s fate is sealed. Very timely for the current predicament that the world currently faces.

Cocktail night

Get out the shaker and strainer and bring some colour and flavour to an evening with your friends with a cocktail night.

In the summer months, what can be better than sitting outside in a warm summer evening enjoying a deliciously refreshing cocktail that you have made yourself? It can be a truly rewarding experience.

The great thing about cocktails is that they can be tailored to your taste. There is an infinite amount of choice meaning it is incredibly easy to find something you enjoy.

You can also make mocktails for anyone that won’t be drinking alcohol.

Book club

Whether joining or starting a book club, they can be an excellent way to keep up with the best and latest book releases.

Alternatively, a book club could be classically geared, examining past best sellers or historically significant books.

The greatest thing about book clubs though, other than being able to see people, is that they are synonymous with wine and food such as cheese boards.

The great Aussie barbeque

Meat, seafood, veggies, and plant-based alternatives. Throw them all on the BBQ and cook up a storm with your friends.

A barbeque is an essential to the Australian summer and gives you a real chance to show off your hosting prowess through demonstrating your superior cooking skills.

With the recent rises of meat alternatives too, there are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy something flame grilled.


You should always be complying with the relevant COVID-19 restrictions to ensure the safety of you and the people around you. Check with your state government website for any queries you may have.