End of lease cleaning

A thorough clean at the end of your lease can be an important step to getting your bond back

When you’re renting, one of the most stressful periods during the tenancy can be the final weeks leading up to your lease expiring. Between sorting out where you will live next and packing your things, it can be a hectic experience.

As your lease expires, something all renters strive for is ensuring that you get your bond back fully. There can be many factors you need to consider when trying to do this.

One of these is ensuring that your end of lease cleaning is thorough.

While it can be a slightly daunting task, take some simple steps to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Have a plan

Planning and sticking to it can make the process of the final clean a much smoother process.

One method you can use is to divide your cleaning efforts into a room-by-room process. If you prefer to have one final big clean this can be a very appropriate strategy for you.

Another way to plan your cleaning is to conduct cleaning sessions at different intervals leading up to the end of your lease.

This might mean having a thorough clean at these intervals:

  • Six months
  • One month
  • One week
  • As much as is needed in the final three days
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Cleaning the whole property at once can be a daunting task.

By chipping away at your final clean room-by-room, you are able to make a larger task much smaller as well as remove those feelings of dread that can come with end of lease cleaning.

This approach can also help you stay focussed and prevent you from getting distracted. It can be quite easy, when you have a large task at hand like you final clean, to move on to an easier task.  

To make your job much easier though,  frequently cleaning throughout your tenancy can really help simplify your end of lease cleaning effort. That doesn’t mean that your final clean itself doesn’t require a decent effort though.

Don’t skimp on effort

The end of lease cleaning is vital to get your bond fully refunded. Therefore, it’s important that you’re thorough in all your cleaning efforts.

Though it can be tiring and leave you feeling drained, you’ll only be helping yourself.

One area that you will especially not want to skimp on effort is the cleaning of the carpets.

Often, leases have a section written into them that you must get the carpets professionally cleaned (although it is prohibited in NSW). To prove that this has happened many leases say you must produce a receipt as proof.

If you are unsure as to whether this type of clause is in your lease you should read through it again to make certain.

Cleaning those hard places

When it comes time for the final inspection, presumably, all your furniture will be moves out of the property.

Areas that should get special attention are areas that are harder to access due to being blocked off.

A great example of this is underneath the fridge. The state of it can often leave people shocked that that level of grit and grime can accumulate.

Another thing to look out for is the build up of mould in locations that do not get the best ventilation. Excess levels of condensation can lead to mould growth.

These places (like hard to reach areas of a bathroom or kitchen) should be monitored regularly through your tenancy. However, if you do stumble upon any mould or can even smell it, contacting your property manager is the first step to take.

Bathroom end of lease cleaning

For the record

The cleaning you do will always be unique to your situation. However, here are some basic ideas for things to clean at the end of your tenancy to get you started.

The kitchen:

  • Appliances (Fridge, dishwasher, oven)
  • Sink
  • Bench tops
  • Stove top
  • Extractor fan
  • Cupboards
  • Rangehood

Bathroom and Laundry:

  • Mirror
  • Toilet
  • Sink and taps
  • Shower
  • Any storage cupboards or draws

General inside

  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Cupboards and draws
  • Floors
  • Carpets.

If there is an outside component to the property, that will need to be thoroughly tidied cleaned as well. If you require yard work to be done, such as mowing the lawn or the trimming of plants, then hiring a gardener may be an option if you run out of time or the task seems overwhelming.

The professional option

There are many companies out there that specialise in bond cleaning.

One of the benefits of hiring someone to do you end of lease cleaning is that it is done to a professional standard.

While there is never a guarantee that you will be your bond refunded when your lease expires, using a professional can give you a very good chance.

Whether you hire someone to perform you end of lease cleaning is purely up to you though. If you believe you can do it to a standard that will get your bond refunded and are looking to save money, then this option may not be for you.

When it comes to your end of lease cleaning, one of the best attitudes to have is to leave the place in better condition than when you moved in.