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Four advantages when selling in Autumn

02 March 2021 |3 Minuites Read

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Autumn is the hidden gem of the seasons for selling

Selling your home, for the most part, will always be a stressing experience. It is time consuming in almost every sense.

One of the biggest considerations that you can face is when exactly to sell.

The housing market is often analysed seasonally, with a good measure of factors working for and against each season.

There can be many advantages to listing your property on the market during the Autumn months, as opposed to the seasons regularly associated with selling a property.

Buyer interest is still there

Autumn can be a great time to sell as there is a great pool of buyers that are still hunting the market for that perfect property.

Many will have set their New Year goals, gone through the summer period and be waiting to try and find a bargain.

The types of buyers that can be particularly plentiful in this time period are those that have recently sold their homes. The spring and early summer sellers that are inspecting the property market can be a prime group as they are in a position where they have to buy.

There will also always be investors out there hunting a savvy purchase to add to their portfolio.

Unique weather

 Autumn has the potential to bring clear skies and comfortable temperatures, consistency and stability. The odds of your potential buyers needing to battle the heat or suffer a cold soaking in a downpour as they try to just view your property are most likely in your favour.

The scenery of autumn is often picturesque, with tress often at their best, showing vibrant reds and yellows as their leaves turn. It is a season that you can emulate within your home when inspections are occurring too.

Your table, for example, could house a colourful centrepiece showcasing a magnificent autumn blend.

When you have a garden and the autumn weather is in it prime, people will also get to see it in its best light.

This is why autumn is an optimal time to be selling your property.

Summer can be quite unpredictable in regard to weather and what you may be presented come inspection day despite being thought of as a good time to sell.

Winter can be cold and affect buyer temperament.

Holiday clash?

 In Autumn, there are some school holidays to compete with. However, these holidays are perfectly situated for sellers in the know.

In summer, the long Christmas and New Year break can potentially mean potential buyers are travelling, away for Christmas or simply taking it easy in the summer heat. March, on the other hand, can be a rather quiet month.

Winter holidays are always a good chance for people to get away for a tropical, sunny vacation.

Selling in Autumn allows you to have school holidays where people are most likely to stick around.

Fewer listings and competition

 In autumn, when there can be less properties for sale, the lack of competition can mean that converting your listing into a successful sale can be a much more achievable goal. It can enable you to get more people to inspections and auctions when the time comes.

Through the spring and summer selling periods, the market can see a large increase of properties, which can make a buyers’ market. This is when the amount of sales properties is high enough that competition cause a downward swing in prices.

Though these causing prices to drop drastically is rare, it can still be a possibility.

One potential snag when listing your home in peak seasons is the interest, you’ll get from people simply not looking to buy but rather have a look.

These browsers can go from inspection to inspection without the serious intention of buying. In the autumn period, you can be more likely to attract those with serious buying intentions.

But the best-selling time is actually…

The one that is best suited to your situation. Doing your research and talking with the right property sales professional goes a long way to helping you make the right decision.

While a rather plain and boring answer, every property sale has different circumstances that can influence it.

From suburb demographics to the weather and season itself, every property should be treated differently when it comes to being sold.

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