Cluter Cap

Live a decluttered, tidy and and organised life in your home with these tips

No one sets out to have clutter in their household. However, over time our possessions can begin to build up creating mess that can become harder and harder to move the longer it is there.

It is important to be proactive when dealing with clutter. Having a guide to keep your home neat and tidy can be extremely helpful. 

With the right organisation ideas, you can be inspired in your home to really help with any clutter.

Practice putting things away

Practice makes perfect and the perfect household should be one that is clutter free. Putting things away in the place they are meant to be is a key step to avoiding a cluttered lifestyle in your home.

While it can sometimes be an annoyance if you are tired or have had a difficult day, putting things back in their place is a good habit to have.

Developing good habits like this at home can also benefit you in your workplace. By putting the habits you develop at home into practice at work, you can keep your workstation decluttered too.

Be the envy of your co-workers and look good for your boss at the same time with a tidy workspace.

Don’t be afraid to throw things away

People will naturally grow attached to their possessions which can sometimes make it very difficult to declutter your home by getting rid of them. Sentimentality is a large reason behind many cluttered households.

One strategy you can use to make it easier is to donate to good will. Often, the thought of your possessions having their lives extended and being put to good use can make it easier to let go.

If what you’re looking to get rid of is not in a good enough condition for good will then it should be thrown out.

Contact your local council about organising a hard rubbish collection if the items you’re throwing away are large.

Avoid unnecessary bargain hunting

Yes. We all love a good bargain. The lure off a ridiculous sale can be just too difficult to pass up.

Avoiding unnecessary bargain hunting can take the strongest of wills but by avoiding those much-coveted cheap buys you can really save yourself from cluttering your home. 

If those bargains are simply too hard to resist, think of them as a means to upgrade or replace things. Don’t simply add to your collection of possessions for the sake of a good deal; even if it is a very good deal.

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Live within your means

While not a revolutionary notion, it’s the ideal place to begin if your aim is a simpler, clutter-free home. 

A living within your means strategy equates to the idea that your home size should be a guide for the number of things that you have. You can minimise what you have for a simpler attitude to life rather than dreaming of bigger and better and more and more.

Fitting into the space that is available to you is an important part of living comfortably. Obtaining excessive amounts of possessions is a direct way to clutter your household and life.

In this case, simpler is better.

Be proactive. Have a plan

Often, decluttering your home can be a much easier process if you form a plan. By breaking it down into smaller, more achievable goals you can turn a mountain into a molehill. 

Break it down into different stages like room by room. You can also divide the task into different things like furniture, books or clothing.

Clutter in your home may also be affecting your health, both physical and mental, in a number of ways. Anxiety and poor sleep are just some of the potential side effects.

Therefore, having a plan can put you in a position to not only declutter your home but help improve your health.

If you need to declutter or are simply looking to prevent clutter from building up, there is plenty you can do. Whether you own or rent, a tidy home is a happy one.